u look like a ho from a ranch in nevada
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latte art


latte art

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oh my god.im fucking crying from laughter at weird al’s ‘word crimes’ but my favorite part is that he mentions that there is no x in espresso. oh my god. yessssss. learn this people!

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So, that’s over.


So, that’s over.

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guess who has a new theme and about page? :^)

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when a stupid slut asks if there’s going to be a swimming pool

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Is vampire weekend more than one person

There are literally no people in vampire weekend. All frogs

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i was so ugly in 2008 because i didnt care about my looks i cared about the jonas brothers

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when u accidentally drop ur phone on ur face.


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The 12 Zodiac Signs Sense of Humor: Quick Reference Guide
Aries: Goofy, physical humor comes most naturally. These are some of the top mimics in the Zodiac! But they are also known to be quite witty out of the blue.
Taurus: Observational humor. They are usually unintentionally hilarious, and can take a step back and laugh at themselves too!
Gemini: Quick on the uptake, they remember jokes really well and can laugh at just about anything, This sign is most prone to making fun of someone, but not in a mean way, it's usually because they're interested.
Cancer: This sign has an endearing self-deprecating way of being funny. As simple as a silly facial expression or pretending to be serious when they're not.
Leo: This sign tends to take everything in around them and deliver it verbally with a bit of exaggeration that not only is hilarious, but leaves you wanting to hear more. They know when they have you hooked, too.
Virgo: The pissed, but not pissed, complaining, but not complaining, snarky wit about people and their lives is usually very humorous and entertaining.
Libra: A little strife and sarcasm send Libra going a long way! Once they lose the cool exterior and start, there's no stopping their story telling humor.
Scorpio: Sarcasm all the way. Comments here, comments there; it's borderline rude, borderline passive aggressive, but funny nonetheless!
Sagittarius: Everything in life can be turned into some hilarious experience. A combination of observational humor, sarcasm, and exaggeration is where it's at for this sign.
Capricorn: The no smile facade lives here. This sign can keep a straight face until they start laughing at themselves with a sharp uptake on what's happening.
Aquarius: Just naturally funny. They don't really try to be a joke teller or anything. Often times they're bewildered that they're being funny and start laughing right along with the others.
Pisces: This sign ranges from cute storytelling to down right obnoxious. They milk it too, taking all the time they need to have your attention and make you laugh.
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no offense but what the fuck am i doing

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